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Online-Trailer - Gods behind Mountains

Online-Trailer of the documentary Gods behind Mountains

Director: Jürgen Groh
Editing: Christian Fischer
Graphic Art and Design: Katharina Pohl
Assistant: Simon Staudigl

“We want to be free, do the hunting and the gardening, and look after ourselves!”

With these words the freedom fighter Benny Wenda speaks for his whole nation: the native people of West Papua.

For many years our writer and director Jürgen Groh has been working on a documentary about the nearly unknown struggle for freedom of the Papuas. In 2006 he gained the sponsorship award of the FFF Bayern ( for his project.

Now we have the release of the official Online Trailer for the documentary ‘Gods behind Mountains!’

‘Gods behind Mountains!’ tells the story of an indigene, who is a chosen one. The whole village collected money for 18 year old Matheo to send him to school in a city far away from home. There he learnt a lot of the things his people didn´t know about – politics, economy and English. Matheo is a member of the Yali tribe who live in the mountains of West Papua. After five years Matheo returns to his home village for the very first time.

Matheo’s path leads us into the heart of the country – in parallel we also follow the struggle for freedom which is running throughout the nation for more than 50 years. As soon as the Dutch colonial power had to leave the country, the Indonesian government took over the west part of the island of Neuguinea – West Papua. The people had no chance to decide freely what they wanted and until this day the indigenous people are struggling for freedom and independence.

One of them is Benny Wenda: a freedom fighter who had to escape from his homeland to survive...

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